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There's no denying the emotional significance of your son's bar mitzvah. This coming-of-age ceremony marks his journey from boyhood into manhood--according to Jewish tradition, this is the point at which he becomes accountable for his own actions, acquiring the privilege to participate in Jewish community life. It's undoubtedly a special event, one you'll want to cherish and remember.

Commemorative pens can imbue your son's bar mitzvah with all the momentousness it deserves. Every time you use these pens--for work, for school, or for play--you will be reminded of the evening in which your son grew up before your very eyes. PENSRUS offer a wide range of roller pens and more that are perfectly suited for this kind of occasion.

Go Deluxe with Roller Pens

How deluxe are you willing to go as you celebrate this milestone? Included in the PENSRUS selection are Waterman Carene Silver Meridians roller pens. These exquisite pens are the perfect way to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime event. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more elegant writing instrument--these roller pens are available with either gold- or silver-plated trim, and will charm you and your guests with their chic and commanding presence.

Buy your pens online using PENSRUS's secure server. While PENSRUS takes pride in offering all clients incredibly fast turnaround, for even quicker service, utilize the three-day delivery option. Get your pens customized just the way you like them by telephoning PENSRUS at 1-800-PENSRUS, or by sending an email to Pick PENSRUS for the pens that will make your son's bar mitzvah truly a special occasion!


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