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Are you looking for the promotional item that will get you the most leverage? An excellent choice is personalized Sharpie pens. Ordinary pens are used just for writing. Sharpie pens, however, have a much wider range of functions, thus ensuring that your company or product benefits from continuous visibility.

Many people use Sharpie pens to label boxes, since their bright ink makes for easy visibility. They are used in this manner both at home and in commercial settings. Others use Sharpie pens to draw cartoons, or for image and poster design. These pens lend themselves well to these types of artistic endeavors, since they're available in a host of colors. PENSRUS offers Sharpie pens at affordable prices, purchased simply by calling 1-800-PENSRUS. Operators are available 22 hours a day to help you.

Get Maximum Promotional Mileage with Versatile Sharpie Pens

Others find more innovative uses for the versatile Sharpie. These pens are frequently used for body art, tapped to craft wild and exuberant designs. Believe it or not, Sharpie pens are also used as nail polish! Stylish trendsetters color their nails with the pens, sealing it with a coat of clear nail polish.

People get a lot of mileage out of Sharpie pens, and if you choose these writing instruments to promote your business, you will too! PENSRUS--run by a second-generation pen entrepreneur--can get you the Sharpies you need with the kind of quality service you deserve. Get in touch with the company at to learn more.


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