Tradeshow Promotional Products

Distributing promotional products at trade shows is a good way to help visitors remember your business name for future reference. There are many ways you can use your marketing budget to increase brand awareness effectively and cement your company's name in the minds of prospective customers.

Creative Ways to Use Trade Show Promotional Products

To get the most out of your promotional products:

  • Position a representative near the entry to the trade show or exhibition to pass out promotional plastic or nylon totes. Visitors will get early exposure to the company's logo and message and will recognize your booth when they reach it.
  • Set up a game for visitors to play when they visit your booth. Have them spin a wheel for high-end promo prizes like t-shirts or Waterford fountain pens. Set up a roulette wheel and pass out discounted coupons to winners, or have visitors select a grab bag of small, corporate giveaway products.
  • Ask visitors to place contact info in a jar for a post-show prize drawing. Contact winners to congratulate them on their prizes, and use the opportunity to introduce your business products or services.
  • Don't forget children of trade show visitors. Have a kids' prize box, remembering that parents will appreciate your acknowledgment of their families. Children will also enjoy having something to play with during the trade show.

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