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Are you looking for pens that offer the perfect marriage of elegance and convenience? Ballpoint pens are loved the world over for their practicality. These pens feature a chamber that holds ink. This ink is sent to the tip of each pen, where a small metal ball smoothly transfers it from the pen to the page. Smudging is a non-issue, since the ink dries almost immediately after making contact with the paper.

Respected pen manufacturer Waterman takes the humble ballpoint and dresses it up in sophisticated garb that will catch your eye. Some Waterman ballpoint pens come decked in gleaming lacquer finishes that impart an air of sheer luxury. Others are adorned with 23-karat gold-plated accents that send a message of refinement. PENSRUS offers a winning assortment of these pens, in a range of styles and colors.

Make a Statement with Waterman Ballpoint Pens

Why choose PENSRUS for your Waterman ballpoint pens? PENSRUS has a long history in the business. The company's illustrious owner has been in the pen business his entire life, and is the son of a pen retailer. This experience translates into expert knowledge of what pen buyers like you want and need.

Order your Waterman ballpoint pens from PENSRUS now by using the company's secure server. If you have questions, know that live operators are on hand to handle your inquires 22 hours a day--reach them by calling 1-800-PENSRUS. Questions may also be sent via email to Get the Waterman ballpoint pens that make the statement that best reflects you. Contact PENSRUS today!


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