Wedding Favor Pens

Personalized pens and pencils are practical party favors for reception guests, providing them with memorable, useful tokens of the event. For couples on a tight budget, these imprinted writing instruments make inexpensive yet personal mementos.

Retractable, rotating message pens are ideal for weddings, allowing the happy couple's names, wedding date, location and personal message to be seen with a few clicks of the button. These rotating banner implements can also be included with invitations, reminding guests to save the date for a scheduled ceremony, shower or reception. Message pens come in a variety of colors, sizes and ink types, and they make portable, durable gifts.

Couples pre-ordering personalized wedding favors may wish to include a luxury fountain pen to place next to the guest book. Engraved with the couple's name and a personal message, this type of writing instrument is elegant and decorative, forever reminding the bride and groom of their big day. In addition, couples can order engraved fountain pens to give as personalized gifts to wedding party members, clerical staff and close family.

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