Wholesale Pens

Wholesale pen distributors personalize writing instruments for businesses and non-profits and stock hundreds of ink types, grip sizes and barrel designs. Marketers should remember that, even in the age of computers, many people desire specific qualities when it comes to their pens and pencils.

Many people have a signature pen, a special implement that they save for important things like personalizing letters and signing documents. Most people also have a working pen, a more inexpensive model that they use throughout the day to take down phone messages, jot notes and fill out paperwork.

Marketers need to decide which need they are filling when they order wholesale promotional pens. Are they using their budgets to buy a few, high-quality fountain pens in hopes that they will become the signature pens of their most valued clients? Are they seeking inexpensive, "throwaway" ballpoints that can be handed out by the dozens at trade shows or exhibitions? Both types of pens have a place in the corporate marketing scene, and both can be portable billboards to pass along information like phone numbers, website URLs or personalized messages.

PENSRUS Sells Wholesale Pens and Custom-Printed Products

Discounting bulk promotional products at wholesale prices, PENSRUS helps marketers plan for trade shows, exhibitions and customer-appreciation campaigns. Though PENSRUS specializes in wholesale writing instruments like ballpoints, rollerballs and mechanical pencils, PENSRUS also carries a variety of custom-printed wholesale hats, visors, calculators, key rings and flashlights. Product specialists are available at 1-800-PENSRUS or by email at info@pensrus.