Wholesale Promotional Pens

Personalized, printed pens are portable billboards for businesses, carrying logos, messages and contact information to existing and prospective customers. Startup business owners who dedicate a small portion of their marketing budgets to promotional products will find that quality giveaways help to grow their companies or organizations.

Printed pens make effective promos since they are used regularly by their owners and are small enough to tuck in a pocket or purse as well. There is a universal need for objects like writing instruments, so they become practical, portable ways to share information.

For business startups, economical items like corporate rollerballs, highlighters, key rings and magnets are cheap ways to attract potential customers, which helps to offset promotional marketing expenses. It is not necessary to overspend on high-end corporate giveaways when a company can make an impression with smaller, practical gifts. In addition, many suppliers offer wholesale prices when promos are sold in bulk, so small businesses can buy discounted products to fit their budgets.

PENSRUS Carries Hundreds of Printed Pens and Other Discount Promotional Items

Startup business owners can stretch their budgets with wholesale logo products and printed ballpoint, rollerball and gel tip pens when they purchase marketing merchandise from PENSRUS. Specializing in writing instruments, PENSRUS does custom printing in single or multiple colors. The company carries BIC, Paper Mate, Parker, Waterman, Sharpie and Uniball pens and mechanical pencils, and marketers can select from a wide variety of barrel designs, grips and ink colors. In addition to printed pens, the company stocks a number of other items for logo display. Call 1-800-PENSRUS or send an email for more information.