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Different Types of BIC Pens

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All About BIC Pens > Different Types of BIC Pens

Businesses have proven time and again the high return on invesmtent using custom advertising pens. BIC, the leading manufacturer of top quality pens offers many different varieties of pens and pencils to suit all corporate and personal occasions. The three main types of pens can be classified into these types:

Retractable pens
Stick pens
Twist pens

BIC Retractable pens are generally referred to as click pens. Retractable pens can be made of metal, however you'll find more of the popular personalized retractable ink pens made of high quality plastics. These types of pens are called retractable because the ballpoint retracts from the pen's body when they are clicked. Advantages of the click type pen are:

No worries about the ink drying out, because the ballpoint is not exposed to the air when retracted.
No worries about the ballpoint being damaged when not in use, again since the ballpoint is inside the body when retracted.
Low cost and high quality.

Stick type pens are perhaps the most popular of the BIC line. Similar to click pens, stick pens (also known as "Stic") are predominantly made from top quality durable plastics. Unlike the retractable variety, though, these types of writing instruments have a separate plastic cover for the ballpoint when not in use. Advantages of the stick type pen are:

Since there is no mechanism, they are easier to assemble and there is no chance that the pen will not function.
Generally lower cost than retractable pens.
Available in an almost unlimited amount of colors

Finally, we have twist type pens. You're probably quite familiar with how twist pens work. By simpling twisting the pen's body, you retract the ballpoint for writing. Advantages of the twist pen are:

Simliar to the stick pens, there is not any type of mechanism that adds cost to the pen.
Less of a chance that the ink will dry out when the ballpoint is retracted after use.
Available in a huge assortment of styles and colors
Relatively low cost

Whichever style of BIC you decide, you can feel comfortable that your purchasing the highest quality pen manufactured by a company that has a long and rich history of providing durable, attractive and easy to use writing instruments.  


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