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Hot Products

Take a look at what other customers are buying. These are the hot promotional product categories at PENSRUS. We track and update them so you can see what changes over time, especially during different business seasons. But don't forget the ubiquitous promotional pencil. A classic.
BIC Promotional Pens
iPen Pen + Stylus
Totes and Game Day Bags
BIC Lighters

Fast Movers

The personalized pens and pencils with the fastest growing audience. Many from our Economical Collections. We've worked with pen manufacturers all over the country to identify best selling items for promoting your business or event. And you're still Guaranteed 100% Satisfaction.
The Basic Pencil
The Classic Javalina
The Executive Javalina
The Sierra W

Top Office

Promotional products for office use are appropriate for marketing to corporate accounts and small businesses. SOHO customers will appreciate any kind of thoughtful custom gift. Promo items that help with organization and productivity are especially popular. The BIC Sticky Note is ideal for both.
BIC Sticky Notes
Sharpie Markers
BIC Business Card Magnets
BIC Brightliner Grip Higlighter

Top Home

Choosing a promotional item that's great for use at home makes sure your customers are reminded daily of your relationship. The trend towards reuseable drinkware continues and totes still top the list for the eco-minded and urban shoppers.

But don't overlook the classic fridge magnet for retention and reuse by your customer. Plus, we've seen a resurgence of interest in personal items like sun screens, first aid kits and hand sanitizers.

Popular Drinkware
Totes and Gameday Bags
Everything Genuine Koozie
Promotional Mousepads


Handy promo products suitable for commuters, students and anyone on the go keep your name in hand and out front of the public's eyes. We chose promotional items that keep your logo prominent and offer the most utility. We have a selection of "anything imprinted" that that will do both, and create a sense of value to the recipients.

This is a category that's grown significantly in the past couple of years and has even expanded to electronic items like USB car chargers.

Silicon Smart Wallet
Collapsible Water Bottle
Nylon Drawstrin Backpack
KOOZIE Lunch Sack


Technology has caught up with promo products !! We're excited, too, and so are our customers. And as the prices drop Tech items have become an affordable alternative to many classic promotional item picks.

We make it easy for you to promote your business or event !!

BIC Sticky Notes
Sharpie Markers
BIC Business Card Magnets
BIC Brightliner Grip Higlighter

"If It Writes It Ships Free"

FREESHIP88 Coupon Details

Redeem the coupon code (FREESHIP88) at checkout (no prior sales) and PENSRUS will ship your pen or pencil order FREE!! Ground service only. Other shipping options available at an extra cost. Continental US only, not available for shipments to AK or HI. Pens (EXCLUDING THE RARE METALS COLLECTION AND ANY SPECIALS AS NOTED) and pencils only. Only one coupon per order and may not be combined with any other offers or discounts.ONLINE ORDERS ONLY.

Lowest Order Cost Guarantee Details

You Are Guaranteed the Lowest Total Order Cost at

Why? Because we know the cost of the pen can be just the beginning. Many retailers add extra charges that can quickly inflate your total order cost. Not at We add to the value that our products represent with already every-day low pricing by not having hidden costs.

What Does Total Order Cost Mean?

You are a conscientious shopper taking the time to find the best prices for what you need, but many times face the unwanted surprise of set-up, screen or even printing charges, and inflated shipping charges. All of these charges make up for that "unbelievably low" pen price.

Total Order Cost = Product Price + Set-up Charges + Screen Charges + Shipping Charges will beat the total order cost of any online distributor for any product we sell by not charging you set-up, screen, art or any other charges that artificially make your pens more expensive. Use our FREESHIP88 coupon at checkout, and your pens and pencils will get free ground shipping.

How do I ask for a total price comparison?

You'll just need to tell us a few things so we can get it all figured out. We'll need to know about the product(s) you want compared, the Website where you found the "other" pricing and how we can get back to you. It's that simple! (Link opens in a new tab.) Information


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Custom Quotes and Samples

We offer a full array of promotional products from the leading manufacturers across the USA including bags, packs, lighters, backpacks, note pads, jotters and portfolios as well as seasonal items like calendars. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for in our store, please contact one of our product specialists, or use this form, and someone will work with you to find the perfect item for your project.

This service is provided as a means for qualified customers to receive samples of our products for review prior to purchase decisions. Because of the potential for abuse, we reserve the right to determine, based solely upon our discretion, whether a submitted request will be honored.

Samples are not available for Waterman or other fine pen brands.

Click Here To Get Quick Personal Service for Samples and Quote Requests

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