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Making A “Perpetual” Event Memory Inexpensively

December 2nd, 2015 Posted in Personalized Party Favors

After all the planning (good job, by the way !!), fretting (jerk-of-a-guy should have called you back when he said he would), listing, mailing, contacting, and, of course, stellar execution (that music really WAS a nice touch – brilliant !!), there’s something quite satisfying about having made it all happen. There really is. Everyone leaves with memories they’ll cherish. It isn’t expensive to remind attendees of all that shared goodness, either.

And I want to focus on the inexpensive — not every event needs a big $$ takeaway. If you do need a certain item, or help finding it, you can talk to a Product Specialist at +1.800.736.7787 until 11:00PM ET on just about any week day. So, let’s think thru a few inexpensive options:

Everyone Needs A Pen – Every time it’s used (of course you’ve put just what you wanted on it) it reminds, and that’s the goal. Plus, it’s inexpensive. We see churches, schools, reunions and just about anything you can celebrate or attend memorialized on a pen.

Not Convinced? Then Put A Stylus On It – Yes, they figured out how to make a pen even better at enabling communications (got to use fancy words !!) by adding a touch stylus. Now your event is always at hand and helping everyone keep their screens clean. Bonus !!

Personal/Care Items Can Work – A personal touch can do the job. Think chap balms, bandage dispensers or even hand sanitizer. All are items any recipient will appreciate.

So you don’t have to break the bank to make sure fond memories can be triggered again and again and again. And that’s a marvelous thing.

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