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Marketing In The Box

November 30th, 2015 Posted in Marketing

Don’t miss a major opportunity to grow your customer relationships. What’s in the box with your awesome product can go a long way towards bringing a customer back and can do double-duty by introducing them to other products, whether best sellers or products you want to inexpensively promote/introduce – hey, you’ve already paid the acquisition cost, and it’ll be the rare time when getting a reorder or new business from existing customers is less expensive and predictable. It’s pretty obvious that what you toss in can be anything, but like any business marketing decisions, they might have pluses and minuses.

Catalogs and Flyers: Well, I’m the kind of guy that reads everything in the box just because it may have deals and offers I wouldn’t otherwise receive. And my success rate is high enough I haven’t stopped. This is low hanging fruit, but be careful about adding appreciable weight to the shipments. You don’t want customers to think they are paying the freight for you to ship them a pound or two of catalogs. Otherwise, be creative and be sure you keep it fresh !!!

Samples: Always an opportunity to introduce a new product or category of products. Sure, not everyone has products they can do that with. So put together a special flyer with a link address to a video  that can do the sales job for you.
And don’t forget to take every opportunity to drive people back to your Web site (or whatever you are using for your business’ online presence). You can change/update information quicker electronically and at little cost. So, think about how YOU can do things in the box !!

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