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Making A “Perpetual” Event Memory Inexpensively

December 2nd, 2015 | Comments Off | Posted in Personalized Party Favors

After all the planning (good job, by the way !!), fretting (jerk-of-a-guy should have called you back when he said he would), listing, mailing, contacting, and, of course, stellar execution (that music really WAS a nice touch – brilliant !!), there’s something quite satisfying about having made it all happen. There really is. Everyone leaves with memories they’ll cherish. It isn’t expensive to remind attendees of all that shared goodness, either.

And I want to focus on the inexpensive — not every event needs a big $$ takeaway. If you do need a certain item, or help finding it, you can talk to a Product Specialist at +1.800.736.7787 until 11:00PM ET on just about any week day. So, let’s think thru a few inexpensive options:

Everyone Needs A Pen – Every time it’s used (of course you’ve put just what you wanted on it) it reminds, and that’s the goal. Plus, it’s inexpensive. We see churches, schools, reunions and just about anything you can celebrate or attend memorialized on a pen.

Not Convinced? Then Put A Stylus On It – Yes, they figured out how to make a pen even better at enabling communications (got to use fancy words !!) by adding a touch stylus. Now your event is always at hand and helping everyone keep their screens clean. Bonus !!

Personal/Care Items Can Work – A personal touch can do the job. Think chap balms, bandage dispensers or even hand sanitizer. All are items any recipient will appreciate.

So you don’t have to break the bank to make sure fond memories can be triggered again and again and again. And that’s a marvelous thing.

Promo Items Make Great Wedding Favors

May 30th, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Personalized Gifts, Personalized Party Favors

Why Use a Promotional Item as Wedding Favors?


Promo items can make a terrific, budget friendly addition to your wedding reception. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You will want to enjoy the ceremony, the whole day and the memories that last the rest of your lives. Your families, friends and other guests will have memories of your day that they will want to treasure as well. To help you will want to provide favors for the guests to take home. Promotional items make the perfect gift .


Promotional items are available to suit all budgets, even the smallest. Weddings are not cheap, even those on a strict budget, so choosing a sensibly priced wedding favor is crucial. This is even more crucial when you consider that the gift will be given to each guest.


Once you have chosen the gift you wish to give to your guests it is important that you know that the item will be available in the quantities you require. Promotional gifts are available in a range of quantities and the company will ensure that you get the number you require as quickly as possible.


One of the main benefits of choosing a promotional item as a wedding favor is the fact that it is designed to be personalized. The imprinting will be done quickly, efficiently and to a very high standard.

Items suitable for wedding favors are generally available in a wide range of colors. The imprinting can be done in different colors, often with illustrations as well as words. Choose an image that is suitable for weddings and then decide on the wording that you want on the gift.

Suitable wording is the names of the bride and groom together with the wedding date. Many couples also had an inspirational message or a simple, ‘Thank you!’


If you are concerned about the environment then you will find that there are a wide range of items made from recycled materials. The recycled items are created to the same high standard as the other promotional items. Your guests will appreciate the gift as well as the fact that you are genuinely concerned about the environment.


You want to choose an item that will last. Not just because you want to feel that your money was well spent. It is important that your wedding favor is a gift that keeps on giving in terms of use. Each time the gift is used the memories of your happy day will flood back creating happiness in the user.

Choosing a promotional item as wedding favors to celebrate your special day makes more than economic sense. Well-chosen wedding favors provide memories and discussion points for the recipient for years to come. You will have a choice of items, colors, styles and personalization options. Ordering is simple and quick ensuring that this part of the wedding preparations is stress free. The fact that you chose a promotional item will ensure that you have a quality, personalized item to provide to each guest and that the memory of your special day will be happily remembered for many years to come.

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Trending: Promotional Items for Parties

March 21st, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Personalized Party Favors

Use Promotional Items to Create

Unique Birthday Celebrations for Grown Ups


promotional items for party celebrations When people think of promotional items, they usually think about business, but this time we’re here to talk about parties.

Everyone loves a party.  At least that is how the saying goes.

Children love parties because they get to play games, eat lots of treats and leave with a goodie bag in hand.

Grown-ups can have fun parties. They can also make away with goodies.

Using customized promotional items for your party will ensure that you create a bash  that is not only unique but also memorable. There are a number of ways to do it:



Why not put a unique spin on your party invitations by creating a customized coaster, jar opener or mouse pad with all the details printed on it? You can be certain that by providing something that is useful and creative, you won’t have anyone saying that they forgot or didn’t know when the party was! Fridge magnets are another item that you could choose to use as a unique invitation. Even better; folks will know that if you got that creative with the invitation, the party itself is sure to be a blast.

Goodie Bags:

Customized tote bags are available in so many styles and materials that the only limit is your budget and imagination. A laminated paper bag or imprinted grocery tote that is customized in the theme or colors you have chosen for the party will be reusable after the event, making it a sensible choice.

And, they are not just for filling with goodies! Why not create a scavenger hunt and your guests can use the bags to fill with their gathered loot!

However, if you do decide to just go the goodie route, your choice of contents will depend on the purpose of the party and whether the attendees are men, women or both.

Perfect gifts for women that can all be customized are lip balm, compact mirrors, lipstick holders, travel mugs, manicure sets, keychain flashlights, pillboxes and pretty pens.

For the men you could include customized golf items, beer or shot glasses, ice scrapers, bottle openers, USB sticks, flashlights or even a tool set.

If you want to create customized unisex goodie bags, then sticky notes, USB thumb drives, key rings, travel or ceramic mugs and stress balls will all prove to be popular.

Coasters, Place Mats and Mouse Pads

You can use customized coasters, place mats and even mouse pads to protect surfaces. They will provide an additional conversation piece, as well as an extra takeaway gift at the party’s end.

If you are having a dinner party, why not put a customized tin or box of candies in each place? Use party themed business cards as place cards by writing the names of each person on them, and putting them in the correct place. You could add a message such as, “Thank you for attending”, “Welcome” or even, “Enjoy!”


Customized glasses will make a real statement at your party and they are available in a number of different styles. If your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase glassware, then you can still use customized plastic cups. At the end of the party, guests can either take them away, or, depending on the level of customization,  you may even be able to re-use them!

Hopefully, these ideas have sparked your creativity.

Check out what is available and think how you can use customized promotional items to create a party to remember!

Trending Monograms for Weddings

February 14th, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Personalized Party Favors


Monograms for Wedding Gifts & Favors


Personalization adds an elegant touch and monograms for customized pens, napkins, placeholders, wedding favors and wedding party gifts are trending hot for weddings in 2013. While some might find it a bit extreme, many brides are even planning their entire wedding and reception themes around their designs.


Stylish monograms are designed by overlapping or combining two or more letters or other graphemes to form a symbol or emblem. Over the centuries, monograms have been used by many to represent their name, house or seal; from artists, craftsmen and guilds, to great families, monarchs, and governments.


Traditionally, monograms are created by using the first, last and middle initials, with the last name initial appearing in the center. For example, Jack Arthur Sprat’s monogram would look like JSA. In modern times, however, couples who are creating a monogram often edge away from tradition and create their monogram in a variety of different ways, utilizing initials, first names and sometimes incorporating their wedding date to mark the occasion. Some prefer to use only the first initials of each spouse’s name and others use just the initial of the groom’s last name with either initials or full first names appearing out to the side or above and below. Further modernization still might entail the usage of both the bride and groom’s last initials when the bride chooses to keep her maiden name. Jack Sprat and Jill Rebel then become JSRJ.


There are some great do-it-yourself design suites available online, but often couples prefer to hire a graphic design artist or add the design service to their order when they order their customized wedding favors and memorabilia from PENRUS.


When planning wedding reception décor and favors, you can use beautifully crafted custom monograms to personalize your wedding favors by placing the couple’s monogram on elegant custom pens, napkins, keepsake jewelry boxes, paper fans, mint tins, lighters, tote bags, shot glasses and more. In fact, the items that can be personalized as a keepsake are really only limited to the to the couples imagination.


Depending on the wedding budget, the same design that was used to create the couple’s monogram can be modified to create personalized monogrammed gifts for the bridal party. Some gift ideas include handkerchiefs, cufflinks, flasks, personalized pens and journals, shot glasses, wine glasses, tote bags and more.


When planning wedding gifts and especially favors to give your guests, monograms are an easy way to add an elegant, personal touch and buying in bulk quantities can save bundles of cash.


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