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The Ubiquitous Pen ??

December 1st, 2015 Posted in Marketing, Promotional Pens

It’s easy to discount the power of the pen as a promotional tool in these technology driven times. It’s done at your own peril, though. One of the hottest new categories of promotional products are stylus pens. Yes, a combination of a ballpoint pen and a capacitive (touch) stylus.

Why is it so cool ?? It’s the ultimate communications enabler. Think about it – jotting ideas on sticky notes (and doing your favorite crossword puzzles, like me) or using the stylus to keep fingerprints and smears off your touch screen so you don’t have to fret cleaning it. And there’s no reason to bust your marketing budget.

Every week new styles of stylus pens are being added with fresh colors and designs – at unbelievably low costs. Shop and find out how ubiquitous the pen remains.

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