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Some “As” For Stylus Pen “Qs”

March 7th, 2016 | Comments Off | Posted in Small Business

The upsurge in the sale of Stylus Pens has been remarkable. We were asked to shed a little light on the technology and explain what products we have available.

The Silicon Connection :: Silicon can be used to imitate the finger touch of a human. It provides almost identical conductivity – the characteristic that makes a finger work on a touch screen. Silicon can be shaped into an infinite number of designs. One application has been creating hollow silicone “dome” shapes that can be affixed to a pen, so we get a stylus pen.

Common Designs :: Pens modified with the silicon dome will work one of two way – either the “stylus” will be attached to the top of the pen (end opposite the tip) or the silicon dome will be perforated and the pen tip will show through when the pen is to be written with. Which you choose is up to your personal preference.


Want to geek it out and build your own stylus? Try this great experiment: Make Conductive Rubber: Transparent stylus-iPod/iPhone


Other-Than-Pen Trends in Promotional Items

January 28th, 2016 | Comments Off | Posted in Promotional Products, Small Business

Beer Is Here To Stay: The nation’s love with craft beers continues. So, beyond the classic drinkware options we’re seeing the introduction of beer-centric products like this custom printed 64oz Stainless Growler from the folks at BIC - one of the country’s best promotional products designers/producers.

New Sticky Notes Designs: How to improve on the already best-selling BIC Sticky Note – make them spring cut. Get all the details here.

The Styluis Stays In Style: Pen/stylus combo sales almost tripled in 2015 and for 2016 manufacturers have responded with new offerings. We’ve added so many you’ll have to take a look at our iPen Collection and get caught up.

It’s 2016. Already.

January 18th, 2016 | Comments Off | Posted in Marketing, Small Business

And It’s Cold Outside …

So it’s the perfect time to talk about visual cues — lets look at color. Lots of color. Thousands of color combinations. Of course we mean BIC® color !!! Colors brighten every day. Here’s how to add a splash to your next project:

Choose Color Combinations

Pens like the BIC® Clic Stic and the BIC® Round Stic offer thousands of combinations by allowing for choices of both body and trim colors. And you can make solid colors by choosing identical body/trim colors. Another great thing about these products is the ability to have the imprint color match the trim color. Both of these BIC® pens are the some of the most popular pens of their type and guarantee the recipient long usage and a quality writing experience — and your name in front of them.

Choose To Create The Mood

You can choose to create color combinations that stand out and give visual cues – like choosing colors that attract the eye – maybe an orange barrel with yellow trim, or even visa-sersa. That makes your item the customer’s “go to” anytime they need it. Or different shades of the same color !! Any way you can remind a customer of your relationship is a win.

The Effective Use of Promotional T-Shirts

May 19th, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Promotional Products, Public Relations, Small Business

Promotional Shirts Can Build Team Spirit

as well as Build Your Brand


promotional_items-wearableUtilizing wearable promotional items like promotional t-shirts or promotional ball caps can be an important strategy in building cohesive brand identity by having your company employees utilize the promotional uniforms or shirts while working.

Your business depends on employees to help grow the business and it’s success. The marketing plan you create each year will include ideas and strategies to achieve growth. Part of the success your company will achieve will depend on the staff you employ.


If your company does not have a corporate identity through the use of a uniform the individuality will be apparent through each individual staff member’s clothing. However, introducing a corporate identity or dress code can help build team spirit and your brand. By providing a cohesive feel to the work wardrobe staff will feel a deeper connection to their own department and a sense of membership.

If your company has different departments or teams, that cover different areas then the use of promotional shirts to identify the teams can be extremely beneficial. Within each team the  promotional shirt color can be used to identify both membership and role. Department heads could be provided with shirts of a different color to their team thereby enabling their quick identification and seniority.

The use of the company logo on the promotional shirts will provide a visual branding as well as a professional image. Providing shirts with the company logo to staff at discounted rates will also help with budgeting by providing fixed price clothing. It can also help avoid staff stress by ensuring that they know what they need to wear to work each day.

When used by departments or teams who are working directly with customers these promotional shirts can be a significant brand awareness raiser. By ensuring that your sales team wear promotional shirts bearing your company logo they will be easily recognizable when attending appointments. Their professional appearance can increase the confidence in the potential customer in your company and the services or products it offers.

Providing promotional shirts at discounted rates to your staff can instil a sense of belonging and team spirit. Additionally, different departments and staff levels become easier to identify. The corporate branding will be visible beyond the workplace and ensure that your staff looks professional while out and about in the community, either performing work commitments or simply commuting.

Promotional shirts can be an important element in your company branding. There are many other promotional items that can be used in addition to these to strengthen branding as well as team spirit.

Big Business Booms on the Golf Course

February 18th, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Small Business


Small Businesses Take Advantage of the Promotional Opportunity by Gifting Promotional Products


It is no secret that business deals have been struck for years on the back nine, but smart business owners are starting to take note and take advantage of a great marketing opportunity by branding and gifting promotional golf products. Not an inexpensive sport, golfers need things and golf things cost a pretty penny. Imagine how appreciative they might be of your company if you gift them with the little things they need.


Depending on your budget, there are many freebie options for gifting on the golf course, thereby getting your name out there and on the minds of business people at your local club.


Erin Menath, Golf pro at GolfTec in Seattle says, “stay away from pencils; golfers get those for free. Golf balls aren’t a good idea either as golfers tend to be pretty selective when it comes to those; also they get lost. Go for useful items that will really be appreciated”.


Among the useful items that Menath suggested:  Ball markers, divot tools or, even better, dual divot tools that double as bottle openers, bottle openers of course, golf towels, cozies, and Titleist hats with your company logo on the side.


Distribution is a snap; you can easily get these wonderfully useful little billboards into the hands of those business people and turn them into profitable customers for your business.  There are a number of ways, really, and again it all depends on your budget. The sky is the limit if your budget can reach it, but since that’s sometimes not the case, we’ll give you a couple of suggestions, ranging from the very inexpensive to the more costly to implement.


Small items like divot tools, bottle openers and ball markers can be left in a basket or on a kiosk near the registration desk where golfers check in for their tee time; mark the distribution area with a small sign that says, “Please take one, courtesy of XYZ Company; enjoy your game!”


Likewise, companies often choose to sponsor golf tournaments or fund raisers by gifting promotional items or even promotional gift bags that are full of their branded promotional products.


No matter what your business is, you probably can’t go wrong at your local golf course; business men and women often play golf and conduct business on the golf course, but they also get massages, get their taxes done, need accounting services, have vision problems, get their business attire dry cleaned, travel, repair their computers, their cars and their shoes, use office supplies and, well, use products and services like the rest of us!

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