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Some “As” For Stylus Pen “Qs”

March 7th, 2016 Posted in Small Business

The upsurge in the sale of Stylus Pens has been remarkable. We were asked to shed a little light on the technology and explain what products we have available.

The Silicon Connection :: Silicon can be used to imitate the finger touch of a human. It provides almost identical conductivity – the characteristic that makes a finger work on a touch screen. Silicon can be shaped into an infinite number of designs. One application has been creating hollow silicone “dome” shapes that can be affixed to a pen, so we get a stylus pen.

Common Designs :: Pens modified with the silicon dome will work one of two way – either the “stylus” will be attached to the top of the pen (end opposite the tip) or the silicon dome will be perforated and the pen tip will show through when the pen is to be written with. Which you choose is up to your personal preference.


Want to geek it out and build your own stylus? Try this great experiment: Make Conductive Rubber: Transparent stylus-iPod/iPhone


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