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Trending Monograms for Weddings

February 14th, 2013 Posted in Personalized Party Favors


Monograms for Wedding Gifts & Favors


Personalization adds an elegant touch and monograms for customized pens, napkins, placeholders, wedding favors and wedding party gifts are trending hot for weddings in 2013. While some might find it a bit extreme, many brides are even planning their entire wedding and reception themes around their designs.


Stylish monograms are designed by overlapping or combining two or more letters or other graphemes to form a symbol or emblem. Over the centuries, monograms have been used by many to represent their name, house or seal; from artists, craftsmen and guilds, to great families, monarchs, and governments.


Traditionally, monograms are created by using the first, last and middle initials, with the last name initial appearing in the center. For example, Jack Arthur Sprat’s monogram would look like JSA. In modern times, however, couples who are creating a monogram often edge away from tradition and create their monogram in a variety of different ways, utilizing initials, first names and sometimes incorporating their wedding date to mark the occasion. Some prefer to use only the first initials of each spouse’s name and others use just the initial of the groom’s last name with either initials or full first names appearing out to the side or above and below. Further modernization still might entail the usage of both the bride and groom’s last initials when the bride chooses to keep her maiden name. Jack Sprat and Jill Rebel then become JSRJ.


There are some great do-it-yourself design suites available online, but often couples prefer to hire a graphic design artist or add the design service to their order when they order their customized wedding favors and memorabilia from PENRUS.


When planning wedding reception décor and favors, you can use beautifully crafted custom monograms to personalize your wedding favors by placing the couple’s monogram on elegant custom pens, napkins, keepsake jewelry boxes, paper fans, mint tins, lighters, tote bags, shot glasses and more. In fact, the items that can be personalized as a keepsake are really only limited to the to the couples imagination.


Depending on the wedding budget, the same design that was used to create the couple’s monogram can be modified to create personalized monogrammed gifts for the bridal party. Some gift ideas include handkerchiefs, cufflinks, flasks, personalized pens and journals, shot glasses, wine glasses, tote bags and more.


When planning wedding gifts and especially favors to give your guests, monograms are an easy way to add an elegant, personal touch and buying in bulk quantities can save bundles of cash.


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