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Benefits of Promotional Pens for Clubs and Organizations

June 9th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

If you are in a club, organization, or society, you may be constantly plagued by the thought of keeping membership numbers up, keeping funds in the bank, and reaching out to those with similar interests who can take part in your organization’s purpose. You might even be stumped because there are so many different promotional products to choose from. Whether cost is a factor, or whether you simply want the most perfect item to help promote your club or cause, there are many different items that can serve your purpose and give the public something to help remember you. While there are many choices available, the most beneficial and influential promotional tool has proven to be advertising pens.

There are many positive reasons for choosing advertising pens as part of your marketing plan. One main reason is cost. Logo pens are considered a bargain when compared to other advertising items and services. Logo pens can be ordered economically in bulk, which lowers the cost drastically. Many top of the line, high quality ink pen manufacturers such as BIC offer custom pens as low as $0.23 when ordered in bulk. Also, imprinted pens are small in size and therefore arrive in one single box, cutting down shipping costs. Many pen distributors even offer free ground shipping. The savings are enormous. Keeping the cost low is important for your club or organization as many societies often rely on small membership fees or donations to keep the doors open. Ordering advertising pens will not cost your organization an arm, or a leg.

Another benefit of ink pens for clubs is their high visibility factor. When you imprint your organization’s logo, location, slogan, or contact information right onto the pen, potential customers and members will be reminded of you and what you can provide for them. This is a huge bonus because not only are current members and potential customers excited for a fun, free giveaway, but now every time they reach for a pen, they will be reminded of your society. It is the advertisement that never expires, and provides a lot of recognition for a little bit of money.

A third benefit of implementing logo pens into your club’s marketing strategy is to give a feeling of camaraderie and belonging to those who already belong. Possessing a pen with your club’s name and logo imprinted upon it shows that you are proud to be a member and can lead an organization to reach their full potential while promoting positive feelings and messages.

In all, choosing an advertising pen for your organization is an excellent decision. From their low cost, to their high visibility; to their ability to bring a group of people together, logo pens are the smartest way for clubs to see and be seen.

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