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Creative Promotional Products Excellent for Increasing Brand Awareness

September 14th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

When thinking about new and creative ways to promote your business without spending an arm and a leg, most of us are stumped. Traditional online, print, or television ads can be extremely costly and it is really never known how many potential clients even view these ads. However, thanks to promotional items such as sticky notes, magnets, backpacks, and mouse pads, business owners no longer need to fret about how to get their message out there.

Sticky notes are an extremely popular product because like custom pens and pencil, sticky notes are something that can be used by virtually everyone on a day-to-day basis. Whether they are kept in the kitchen for grocery lists, by the phone to take down messages, or in the car to write down reminders, a sticky pad with your businesses name and logo on it will reach potential customers in every aspect of their life. Featuring a strong adhesive, thick paper for writing, and neon colors, these promotional sticky notes can come in a multitude of sizes to accommodate your promotional needs.

A favorite among all industry professionals, including dentists, real estate agents, restaurants, and handy men are the customized magnets, which are a great way to have your business seen and heard while customers are actually getting use out of the product. The most popular styles of magnets include the calendar, business card magnet, and picture card magnet. Choose the right one for your company and reap the benefits from having your ad function in customers’ daily lives.

Other creative promotional products that are available for customization include personalized backpacks, promotional notebooks, and customized mouse pads.

Personalized backpacks are walking billboards for your brand and are the perfect medium for displaying your logo, artwork, or message.

Promotional notebooks come in a wide array of sizes and colors and are also available for customization.

Custom mouse pads are sure to get use from potential clients and customers and are always available in fabric, firm, or ultra-thin. Purchasing these mouse pads in bulk is always the best idea, as each pad will only end up costing around $1.89 each. Your custom logo or artwork can be featured, in addition to many preset backgrounds.

Between all of these options, you are sure to find a creative promotional product that will make your brand and business stand out from all the rest.

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