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Laser Engraved Pens: Excellent for Giveaways and Gifts

June 14th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Ideal for employee and customer giveaways, as well as gifts for recent graduates or job promotions, laser engraved pens have always been a consumer favorite. There are many benefits to implementing custom laser engraved pens into your marketing plan, as well as giving these special pens as gifts. These benefits include practicality, diversity, and quality.

Engraved pens are extremely beneficial to companies looking to expand their brand recognition in many ways.  For one, pens are extremely practical, as everyone in the business world uses them in their every day lives. When you hand a loyal customer or potential client a personalized laser engraved pen with your business’ logo, message, and contact information on it, you know that your brand is not only on a top quality, high value product, but that every time a person reaches for your writing instrument, your business information will be the first thing they see.

The Sheaffer brand of engraved pens make an excellent branding item that is perfect for giving to customers and employees. Often priced under $10.00  a unit, gifting this laser engraved pen to employees and customers will show you mean business, that you care about them, and most importantly, will allow your logo to be seen in meetings, conferences, sales pitches, presentations, and every day life for others to see. Personalized engraved pens offes a truly classic design and come complete with a trendy gift box.

Personalized laser engraved pens also make excellent gifts. While there are various gift alternatives to select from, engraved pens have traditionally been a popular item and have been gaining popularity throughout the years. Some of the better known manufacturers such as Sheaffer, Parker, and Waterman, all produce beautifully crafted silver and gold laser engraved pens that are available at PENSRUS. Due to the superior materials and premium quality engraving, your gift recipient will be assured many years of rewarding writing experience.

When looking for that perfect gift for someone, the Waterman Expert Ball Pen is an excellent fit. The innovation and expression of this luxury engraved pen blends color and prestigious materials with a distinctive and vibrant style. The beveled cap and double guilded rings are available in chrome plate o4 23 karat gold and exudes modernity while possessing timeless values.

When considering your next giveaway or gift for employees, customers, potential clients, or someone special, consider laser engraved pens.

For a full list of laser engraved pens as well as other personalized giveaways, please visit www.PENSRUS.com.

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