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Miscellaneous Promotional Products for Promoting Your Business!

March 31st, 2011 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

With so much talk about promotional pens and pencils and how beneficial logo pens are to promoting your company, miscellaneous promotional products often get left out of the conversation! These personalized products can vary drastically in range and can include promotional sticky notes, custom magnets, personalized backpacks, logo mouse pads, and more. What consumers often do not realize is that these items can also be imprinted upon, so that they bear your companies name and information for potential clients to see.

When it comes to miscellaneous promotional items, Bic sticky notes are definitely a favorite. These sticky notes come in various formats including scratchpads, note cubes, and of course, custom sticky note pads. These products, which feature a strong adhesive, thick paper for fluid writing, and bright neon colors to attract attention, are available in a wide array of sizes in order to accommodate one’s promotional needs. Potential clients love these sticky notes and often keep them near by around the house. Whether it is by the telephone for taking messages, or by the fridge for writing down notes, Bic sticky notes ensure your company’s message is seen and heard on a daily basis.

Another customer favorite are personalized backpacks. These promotional products are literally a walking billboard for your brand and are perfect for displaying your logo, promo work, or custom message. Backpacks and custom totes are an extremely effective way of marketing your company due to their inexpensive cost and the fact that your brand will be seen by hundreds of potential customers whenever they are used.

Another great giveaway is customized mouse pads. Who doesn’t own a computer these days? If you hand out mouse pads bearing your brand’s information, it is guaranteed to be used and seen by clients everywhere. Available in firm, fabric, or ultra-thin, Bic custom mouse pads are available in numerous shapes and sizes and with prices so low, the custom mouse pad is hard to beat.

Finally, a favorite among doctors, dentists, handymen, restaurants, and real estate agents everywhere are Bic customized magnets. Available in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and colors, customers love these magnets and get much use out of them. Perhaps the calendar magnet is the most popular, which can bear your brand’s name and contact information across the top, with a useful calendar below. The guarantees your message is seen and heard at all times, while providing your loyal customers with a useful tool.

Promotional pens are no longer the only advertising tools that businesses can employ to improve branding and customer awareness. Miscellaneous promotional products are an inexpensive, fun, and effective way of reaching customers on a daily basis and can improve branding and sales for companies worldwide.

Paper Mate Promotional Pens-Excellent for Business

March 30th, 2011 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

PENSRUS is now offering 18 different styles of custom pens from world-renowned writing instrument supplier, Paper Mate! Paper Mate has been providing performance-driven writing instruments for more than 50 years, and has continually been a top seller at PENSRUS. Now, with numerous unique styles to choose from, PENSRUS customers will be at ease finding the perfect Paper Mate product to promote their business.

Today, Paper Mate is introducing a wide variety of progressive, new products to meet the demands of today’s consumers.

When looking for a logo pen that will represent one’s company well, while keeping advertising costs low, consider the Papermate TriEdge. The Tri-Edge 3-sided ball pen gives companies who want to increase brand awareness three times the impact. With prices as low as $0.52 a unit, this custom pen is easily a customer favorite for those who want to reach their target audience on a daily basis.

Paper Mate also manufactures high quality gel pens, which are designed for smooth, comfortable writing day after day. To fulfill these needs for companies large and small, PENSRUS offers the Papermate Breeze Gel pen. The Breeze Gel is available in many different colors, and includes a grip that increases comfort. Starting at $0.94 a unit, these promotional pens are perfect for companies who want to implement a marketing plan using promotional pens, but do not want to sacrifice comfort.

Paper Mate personalized pens offer a wonderful alternative to the more costly forms of advertising, which is something that business owners will appreciate. As with all imprinted pens, PENSRUS does not charge a setup or imprint fee. For the complete selection of Paper Mate products, please visit www.PENSRUS.com

Waterman Pens-The Graduation Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

March 29th, 2011 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

With graduation quickly approaching within the next few months, you might already be thinking about what presents to give the graduates in your life. It’s a tough decision because you want to gift something that is special, will last a lifetime, and signifies moving up in the world. Luckily, you need to look no further than Waterman engraved pens.

The Waterman Pen Company is one of the few remaining first generation fountain pen companies and the brand’s remarkable history has been a relentless quest to marry design, innovation, and excellence. Imagination, paired with unrivaled levels of quality, and a grace of sensuality and distinctiveness, the Waterman brand has proved its place in a whirlwind of French luxury and elegance for well over 120 years.

When looking at Waterman personalized pens for your graduate, consider the Waterman Expert Ball Pen. The expression and innovation of this luxury pen blends color and prestigious materials with a vibrant, distinctive style that can be engraved with the recipient’s name and graduation date. These pens signify moving up in the world, and every graduate should receive their first engraved pen on this special day.

When you order a custom Waterman pen you know that you are getting the very best quality writing tools matched with unparalleled craftsmanship.  The beveled cap and double guilded rings on the Waterman Expert Ball Pen are available in either chrome plate or 23 karat gold, and the classic black lacquer of the barrel exudes timeless values with hints of modernity.

Traditionally, personalized pens are given as a graduation gift, as a custom writing instrument is an investment for any graduate’s future. The graduate in your life will be thrilled with their new engraved pen, which will last them a lifetime and always remind them of their special day.

Discover the extraordinary craftsmanship behind the Waterman Company pens and see the full Waterman selection at www.PENSRUS.com.

Pentel Pens Continue To Be Top Sellers

March 28th, 2011 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

Almost everyone has heard of the Pentel brand of pens. Their most popular line of pens is the RSVP pen and is known to virtually everyone as the smoothest and highest quality pen there is. But did you know that Pentel is the only writing instrument company to receive the Deming award in recognition of high standard of quality? Pentel is an industry leader in innovation with a strong commitment to excellence.

We bet you also didn’t know that Pentel invented roller ball technology…the smoothest way to express ideas. At www.PENSRUS.com you can find over 18 differnt and unique styles of Pentel quality products and each is backed with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Pentel takes pride in their craftsmanship which is why PENSRUS is proud to offer their products. Their superior quality, innovation, and the fact that no amount is spared on the value and production of their products is why Pentel promotional pens have consistently been a customer favorite over the years. 

Pentel personalized pens are the a perfect way for advertisers to promote their business and create brand awareness. Not only do these products send the message that you spare no cost when it comes to writing comfort, but it also relays Pentel’s message of doing good. Pentel also plays a large role in education and the environment. They sponsor multiple “educational programs and donate products to libraries, schools and organizations of need”. All of their boxes are printed with recycled and recyclable materials as Pentel aims to create a healthier environment.

Whether you are interested in purchasing personalized pens for your clients, potential customers, trade shows, or every day office life, you can trust Pentel products to always deliver.

Please visit www.PENSRUS.com for the complete collection of Pentel products.

Pentel invented roller ball technology… the smoothest way to express ideas.

Waterman-The Ultimate Engraved Pen from PENSRUS

March 23rd, 2011 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

This month, PENSRUS celebrates a popular line of quality pens-the Waterman collection of personalized pens. The Waterman Pen Company is one of the few remaining first-generation fountain pen companies, and the brand’s remarkable history has been a relentless quest to marry design, innovation, and excellence.

Imagination paired with unrivaled levels of quality and a grace of sensuality and distinctiveness, the Waterman brand has proved its place in a whirlwind of French luxury and elegance for well over 120 years.

When looking for that perfect gift for someone who has just received a job promotion or graduated from college, the Waterman Expert Ball Pen is an excellent fit. The expression and innovation of this luxury pen blends color and prestigious materials with a vibrant, distinctive style.  The beveled cap and double guilded rings are available in either chrome plate or 23 karat gold, and the classic black lacquer of the barrel exudes timeless values with hints of modernity.

These promotional engraved pens are also available for businesses that want to improve their branding by implementing these custom logo pens. The Waterman Hemisphere Stainless GT Roller Pen is perfect for businesses that want to overturn convention and push the boundaries of expertise and style. Complimented with a 23.3 karat gold or chrome plated clip and trim, these pens are priced as low as $35.00 when ordered in bulk.

Discover the extraordinary craftsmanship behind the Waterman Company Pens and see how your company can benefit from personalized pens as promotional products at http://www.PENSRUS.COM.

Parker Pens For Company Promotions

March 22nd, 2011 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

When searching for the perfect promotional tool that will increase customer loyalty while advertising your company without spending your entire marketing budget, you need to look no further than the Parker Brand of Pens. Because these pens are highly customizable and have a sleek, modern look, your company’s name is sure to stand out among other competitors out there!

Parker’s Urban Pen is the perfect place to start when thinking about a promotion for your company that is cost efficient, yet effective. The pen is available in gel or roller, and comes in a multitude of black, chrome, or silver colors. The Urban pen redefines modern writing and reinvents the rules as it is a cool, new generation pen that possesses the perfect weight and balance due to its unconventional bullet shape. The Parker pen is designed to perform while engineered to impress. This is why the Urban pen is not only great as a promotional product, but is also perfect as a gift for that special someone in your life.

The Parker IM pen is a hot, new style at PENSRUS.com, and it’s eclectic style that is bursting with personality is perfect for adding a splash of modern sophistication to anyone’s business or company. The premium finish intertwines quicksilver and gunmetal tones on textured chiseling, which redefines modern luxury in a writing instrument. Because of its strong attention to detail, as well as its striking finish, the Parker IM is one of the most affordable luxury pens on the market. With prices as low as $8.34 a unit, your company is sure to stand out amongst its competitors.

Perhaps the most iconic and recognizable of all Parker personalized pens is the Jotter pen. With streamlined silhouettes and revamped with laser cut precision décor, the Jotter pen epitomizes the match made from heaven in terms of form and function. Featuring a chrome top, gift tube, retractable refill, these custom pens can be imprinted in various fonts, colors, and styles, ensuring that your company’s custom logo artwork is seen by customers and potential clients on a daily basis.

When choosing a custom logo pen that is perfect for your company, think of the message you want to send to potential customers and loyal clients. With the Parker line of pens, your company is represented in a modern and fashionable way that won’t cost you an arm and leg!

For more information on Parker pens and to view the entire Parker collection, please visit www.PENSRUS.com.

The Sheaffer Legacy Lives On

March 16th, 2011 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

Since 1912, when Walter A. Sheaffer first founded the W.A. Sheaffer Company using his life savings, Sheaffer pens have personified the very tradition of elegance, prestige, and quality that one looks for in a personalized pen. We have been proud to offer a wide variety of Sheaffer engraved pens among their extensive line of other custom logo pens, and see great things happing in the future!!

Sheaffer pens have never failed to carry their strong reputation for delivering high quality products, as well as the components of fashion, style, and strong durability to their pencils and pens.  One year shy of a century after Walter A. Sheaffer first started his business,  Sheaffer has built a loyal following worldwide and is a very well known brand among the best of the best.

Sheaffer pens make perfect gifts for those who want to celebrate a special occasion such as a graduation, birthday, or other milestone. A popular gift pen from the collection that can be found online is the Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Ballpoint, which boasts a classic Sheaffer beauty form, a luxury gift box, and gold plate of black laque finish.

These promotional pens can also be ordered in bulk for businesses that want to implement a marketing strategy that increases brand awareness while maintaining their company’s status. A popular Sheaffer pen that can be ordered in bulk is the Sheaffer Sentinel Ballpoint which comes as low as $12.60 a unit and in chrome or gold trim. Numerous marketing studies have shown that businesses that promote their brand with high quality promotional products leave long lasting and more positive impressions with potential clients and loyal customers.

Visit http://store.pensrus.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=SHEAFFER_PENS for a full listing of all Sheaffer pens and other advertising specialty products.

Engraved Pens Available at Exceptionally Low Prices

March 14th, 2011 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

Engraved pens are perfect tools for companies who want to maintain their image and want to increase branding by implementing custom engraved pens to bear their logo. Not only are engraved pens from PENSRUS extremely affordable, but they also rival other pens who boast high quality.

This is why PENSRUS is offering extremely low prices on their “Originals Elite” brand of metal engraved pens. This specific line of custom engraved pens are perfect for marketers and forward thinking business people who want the opportunity to brand their companies with pens that are elegant, classy, and sleek, yet are extremely affordable and cost-efficient.

PENSRUS is the only promotional pen supplier to offer this full assortment of retractable metal pens through an exclusive partnership. With over eight different varieties including a high polish finish, PENSRUS customers have the ability to customize their Originals Elite pens with six or more different pen colors as well as many different ink options. The ink in the Originals Elite is made especially to not only be long lasting, but to write smoothly every time.

Prices for the Originals Elite pens start from just $0.99 each, which is well below most metal engraved pens that rival the line’s high quality performance. And just like all other personalized pens from PENSRUS.com, there is absolutely no setup fee, no logo fee, no engraving fee, and no programming fee.

Please visit http://www.pensrus.com for more details!

Business Booming on “Penny Pinchers” Line of Pens!

March 9th, 2011 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

We are so proud to announce that PENSRUS has been receiving a record high number of orders for our ever-popular line of “Penny Pinchers” promotional pens. This specific line which is only available at PENSRUS, has far surpassed sales expectations and has become the favorite pen among business customers and individuals who are looking for the perfect way to promote their business in a cost efficient and effective manner.

Being able to offer the lowest possible prices to our customers has always been a number one priority for us and we have truly search high and low for the lowest possible, penny pinching, and budget stretching deals we could find. Customers can definitely attest to the high-quality value of the product matched with the lowest price possible, which is now available in over 36 various styles.

These promotional pens are available in a wide array of styles. Choose from click retractable, twist or stick styles, and pick from ballpoint ink, highlighter ink, or even gel ink.  One of the most popular “Penny Pinchers” is the “Lodger Gold Accents” pen which boasts a classic styling that can be compared to pens which cost up to five times as much.

“Penny Pinchers” can be used as a great marketing tool to reach a company’s target audience while not spending their entire advertising budget. These pens are perfect for imprinting a company name, logo, information, of custom artwork, and PENSRUS does not charge an imprint or setup fee on any custom pen in the “Penny Pincher” line.

See for yourself the savings and great quality!

PENSRUS Expands Original Line of Pens

March 7th, 2011 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

We are proud to announce that 18 new pens have been added to the collection in response to the growing demand for the popular pens. Among these new personalized pens include, The Zumba, The Arctic Fox, The Mardi Gras Jubilee, The Spring Panther, and many more. These pens can come as low as $0.28 a unit, and are perfect for promoting one’s business or company.

The popular, Arctic Fox pen

The popular, Arctic Fox pen

The Arctic Fox pen is proving to be one of the most popular additions to the PENSRUS collection, with its hourglass shape that is very comfortable for writing. These imprinted pens feature a cropped grip, which can match the clip in a color of your choice.  These pens are perfect for distributing to employees to use in the office and also for giving out to clients and potential customers. The silvery metallic barrels have proven to make your company’s name and logo stand out from the rest.

Another pen recently added to the PENSRUS original line that is high in demand this spring is The Spring Panther line of pens. These custom logo pens feature four brand new springtime colors with silver accents that are perfect for giving out during spring and Easter. With prices as low as $0.38 a unit, any company, no matter how large or small, can afford to put their name out there with a cost-efficient and extremely effective marketing tool. Handing these spring-colored pens out to children and parents at the dentist or at day care centers is a great way to have your advertisement seen on a daily basis.

Check out the full line and see for yourself!


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